Linea Cuoio

  • Linea Cuoio Terra Leather Floor Tiles
    Product Description: Terra is an exclusive high quality product, which is suitable for floor covering in boat and home applications. Available in thickness of 15mm (12mm wood base and 3mm of treated sole leather) it is the application of treated sole leather on specialised wooden support. It's high scratch and liquid resistance puts Terra into the highest level of it's category.… more
  • Linea Cuoio Aria Leather Wall Tiles
    Product Description: Aria is the most innovative and flexible article for covering in the luxury interior design market. Every corner, every piece of furniture, every part of boat and house interior can be enhanced with a sumptuous natural leather covering. Linea Cuoio creates leather which can be bent without wrinkles, while treated to be resistant to daily use, with warm colours… more