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Can AgoTek Induction Hob

Product Description:
With an induction hob, you do not need gas to cook.  Induction hobs use an electromagnet which creates an electromagnetic field when a pan is placed on the cooking surface.  An induction hob automatically senses the size of the pan and only heats the exact area of the pan, using minimum energy as possible.

With a conventional electric hob, the entire cooking surface heats up.  With an induction hob the pan becomes hot, while the surrounding area remains cold and safe to touch.
No risk of forgetting a pan on the hob: induction hobs will automatically switch off if the pan becomes too hot.
No risk of accidental start: even if the induction hob is accidentally switched on, it will not operate if there is no pan it or if small objects fall on it.

The temperature can be adjusted exactly and instantly: pans will reach high temperature very quickly or you can stop immediately water from boiling without taking the pan away from the hob.  It's gentle enough to melt chocolate and powerful enough to fry or make water boil in a few minutes.

Watts: 1300 - 2200W

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  • Manufacturer: Niro Petersen
Code Description Size Unit Price
45-PI3050 2 Burner 290mmW x 50mmH x 510mmD Each $2,140.66
45-PI3051 4 Burner 580mmW x 50mmH x 510mmD Each $2,775.82