Saba Laminate Surface

Product Description:
Saba, formally known as Trezzini is for your bench tops; allows you to design any worktop shape you can imagine, with advantages beyond versatility. In the past, 12mm thick solid surfacing or natural stone were the only choices for impressive bench tops, tables and other designer surfaces. That's what makes Saba a revolutionary advance, because it's actually a 3mm thick solid surfacing that is bonded to a substrate. The result?...Saba incorporates all the sophistication of traditional solid surfacing in a material that has far more versatility. The finished product is indistinguishable from conventional solid surfacing.

- 3mm thick non-porous surface which provides streamlined joins
- Solid colour throughout
- 10 year guarantee (conditions apply)

Saba is best suited for commercial applications where long, clean and uninterrupted lines are required.

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  • Manufacturer: Saba
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