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Can SB Water UV-C Anti Bacterial Lamp

Product Description:
*- Water disinfection system for closed tanks, consisting of a PURITEC low pressure ultraviolet lamp to eliminate bacteria and viruses
*- Reliable protection against pathogens according to DIN 5301-10
*- Screw Thread: 1 1/4"
*- Voltage: 12-24V

*-The purification operation should be repeated every 24 hours applying the exposure times indicated on the special instruction sheet
*- The lamp installed inside the PURITEC system emits UV-C radiation that quickley causes skin lesions (skin burning) and conjunctivitis.  For this reason the lamp should be used only inside the system and in closed tanks that are hermetically protected again UV-C radiation and age resistant, like CAN SB tanks.
*- If the water will be used for drinking, it should be recalled that UV-C radiation does not eliminate non degradable harmful substances such as heavy metals and pesticides

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  • Manufacturer: Can SB Marine Plastic
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