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Can SB Fuel Sensor Gauge

Product Description:
*- Resistor type fuel gauge sender 10/180 Ohm
*- With anti-flowing chamber

Indent Product, Non Stocked Item
Note: Please contact regarding price and lead times on delivery for this product
  • Manufacturer: Can SB Marine Plastic
Code Size Unit Price
65-SO3802 195mm Each P.O.A
65-SO3803 250mm Each P.O.A
65-SO3804 275mm Each P.O.A
65-SO3805 300mm Each P.O.A
65-SO3807 350mm Each P.O.A
65-SO3808 390mm Each P.O.A
65-SO3810 450mm Each P.O.A
65-SO3812 500mm Each P.O.A
65-SO3813 523mm Each P.O.A
65-SO3814 560mm Each P.O.A
65-SO3815 580mm Each P.O.A