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Linea Cuoio Terra Leather Floor Tiles

Product Description:
Terra is an exclusive high quality product, which is suitable for floor covering in boat and home applications. Available in thickness of 15mm (12mm wood base and 3mm of treated sole leather) it is the application of treated sole leather on specialised wooden support. It's high scratch and liquid resistance puts Terra into the highest level of it's category.

Sole leather flooring is a unique product, warm and fashionable for luxurious interior design. It follows the trend of leather furnishing which made the use of natural products a real must.

The wide range of sizes allows this product to be used as flooring in every kind of room. Leather flooring can be cut with a normal parquet saw, so it can follow the shape of your space, whether it is straight or curved.

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  • Manufacturer: Linea Cuoio Leather Tiles
Code Unit Price
39-TERRA Sq/Meter P.O.A