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Hettich Sensys Soft Close 110 Hinge

Product Description:
*- Unique pull in function which takes over and automatically closes the door gentle when the opening angle is less than 35o
*- Concealed hinge for snap-on attachment
*- For door thickness of 15 - 22mm
*- Cup diameter 35mm
*- With self-closing feature
*- Integrated overlay adjustment of /- 2mm
*- Integrated depth adjustment of 3mm/ - 2mm
*- Height adjustment at mount plate
*- Cup Versions: TH52 - Screw On, TH53 - Press In, TB53 - Press In

Standard Mounts:
If your carcase is 18mm, use a 0mm Mount
If you carcase is 16mm, use a 1.5mm Mount

Mounting Options:
Full Overlay - 0mm Cranking
In this configuration, the door is position in front of a side wall of the cabinet.  The reveal at one side is such that the door can be opened safely.
Half Overlay - 9.5mm Cranking
In this configuration, the two doors are position in front of the middle wall of a cabinet.  The distance between the doors is the total required reveal.  The door overlay is reduced which necessitates the use of cranked hinges.
Inset - 16mm Cranking
In this configuration, the door is positioned inside the side wall of the cabinet.  A reveal is required for opening the door.  This configuration necessitate the use of heavily cranked hinges.

  • Manufacturer: Hettich
  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Nickel Plated
Code Description Unit Price
01-907120500 Full Overlay - TH52 Each P.O.A
01-907120600 Half Overlay - TH52 Each P.O.A
01-907120700 Inset - TH52 Each P.O.A
01-907120800 Full Overlay - TH53 Each P.O.A
01-907120900 Half Overlay - TH53 Each P.O.A
01-907121000 Inset - TH53 Each P.O.A
01-907122600 Full Overlay - TB53 Each P.O.A
01-907122700 Half Overlay - TB53 Each P.O.A
01-907122800 Inset - TB53 Each P.O.A