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Innotech Drawer System 144mm

Product Description:
*- Double walled steel drawer system
*- Designed for variable drawer widths
*- Quick insertion and removal of the drawer
*- No bottom panel machining
*- Tool less assembly/disassembly and convenient front panel adjustment
*- Perfect drawer action with Quadro partial or full extension; optionally with Silent System for closing quietly and gently - adapted to 16mm thickness of the cabinet sides

Drawer Set Contains:
1 set drawer profiles, power-coated steel/stainless steel
1 set back panel connectors, power-coated steel/stainless steel
2 lengthwise railings, steel/stainless steel including front connectors
2 pcs cover caps
Pan-head screws
2 pcs front connectors, white plastic

What else you need:
1 drawer front (can not be purchased from us)
1 drawer bottom (can not be purchased from us)
1 drawer back

Indent Product, Non Stocked Item
Note: Please contact us regarding delivery times on this product
  • Manufacturer: Hettich
Code Size Material Finish Unit Price
01-013218 144mmH x 350mmL Steel Silver Set P.O.A
01-013219 144mmH x 420mmL Steel Silver Set P.O.A
01-013220 144mmH x 470mmL Steel Silver Set P.O.A
01-013221 144mmH x 520mmL Steel Silver Set P.O.A
01-013222 144mmH x 620mmL Steel Silver Set P.O.A
01-040456 144mmH x 350mmL Stainless Steel Brushed Set P.O.A
01-040457 144mmH x 420mmL Stainless Steel Brushed Set P.O.A
01-040458 144mmH x 470mmL Stainless Steel Brushed Set P.O.A
01-040459 144mmH x 520mmL Stainless Steel Brushed Set P.O.A
01-040460 144mmH x 620mmL Stainless Steel Brushed Set P.O.A
01-9079039 144mmH x 260mmL Steel Silver Set P.O.A
01-9079042 144mmH x 300mmL Steel Silver Set P.O.A
01-9079045 144mmH x 260mmL Steel Anthracite Set P.O.A
01-9079047 144mmH x 300mmL Steel Anthracite Set P.O.A
01-9079050 144mmH x 350mmL Steel Anthracite Set P.O.A
01-9079051 144mmH x 420mmL Steel Anthracite Set P.O.A
01-9079053 144mmH x 470mmL Steel Anthracite Set P.O.A
01-9079060 144mmH x 520mmL Steel Anthracite Set P.O.A
01-9079063 144mmH x 620mmL Steel Anthracite Set P.O.A
01-9079591 144mmH x 260mmL Stainless Steel Brushed Set P.O.A