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Hettich MultiTech Drawer System 118mm

Product Description:
*- Steel profile with roller runner as partial extension or full extension with self-closing feature
*- Load capacity: 25kg for partial extension; 35kg for full extension
*- Variable drawer widths
*- No bottom panel machining
*- Quick insertion and removal of the drawer
*- Simple assembly and front panel adjustment
*- One sided captive guidance, automatic tolerance compensation /- 1mm
*- Integrated double stop

Drawer Set Contains:
1 set drawer profiles, left and right
1 set roller runners (partial extension), left and right
Drawer Front Connectors must be added separately 01-054497 (pair)

*Full extension runners must be purchased separately*

What else you need:
1 drawer front (can not be purchased from us)
1 drawer bottom (can not be purchased from us)
1 drawer back (can not be purchased from us)
  • Manufacturer: Hettich
  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: White
Code Size Unit Price
01-050033 118mmH x 250mmL Set $27.52
01-050035 118mmH x 350mmL Set $28.69
01-050037 118mmH x 400mmL Set $29.01
01-050039 118mmH x 450mmL Set $29.41
01-050041 118mmH x 500mmL Set $30.11
01-050043 118mmH x 550mmL Set $32.32