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Simson MSR Construction Adhesive

Product Description:
MSR Construction Adhesive is a one component, permanently elastic, fast curing construction adhesive based on Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP) and has been specially developed for bonding and seal applications in the yacht and boat building industry.

*- Solvent and isocyanete free
*- Very good UV resistance and ageing properties
*- Neutral, odourless and fast curing
*- Can be sanded after curing

Typical Applications:
*- Bonding push boarders
*- Bonding and sealing deck fittings
*- Bonding deck coverings
*- Bonding sheets
*- Bonding and sealing deck/hull connections
*- Bonding deck hatches and portholes
*- As bedding compound whenever higher initial strength is required

In general, MSR Construction Adhesive adheres well without primer on clean, dry, dust and grease free substrates;
*- Aluminium
*- Stainless steel
*- Galvanised steel
*- Zinc
*- Copper
*- Brass
*- Powder coated metal surfaces
*- Most lacquered metal surfaces
*- Glass
*- PVC
*- Polyester (GRP)
*- Painted and lacquered woods etc.

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  • Manufacturer: Bostik
Code Size Colour Unit Price
47-SCABL290 290ml Cartridge Black Each P.O.A
47-SCAGR290 290ml Cartridge Grey Each P.O.A
47-SCAWH290 290ml Cartridge White Each P.O.A