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Simson Primer M

Product Description:
Primer M is a "wash primer" for the improvement of the adhesion on closed substrates of several specific Simon products, based on Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP).

*- Pre-treatment of plain aluminium, steel, cooper and brass surfaces
*- Pre-treatment of powder coated metals
*- Pre-treatment of lacquered metals (first make a test on the substrates to check possible effects)
*- Pre-treatment of polyester (GRP)
*- Pre-treatment of ABS
*- Pre-treatment of PVC

*- Fast drying; approximately 5 minutes
*- Easy to use as "wash primer"
*- Efficient in use

Special Notes:
*- Primer M should not be applied on those areas which have to be painted afterwards, due to the bad paint compatibility of Primer M
*- If a surface is strongly contaminated clean first with Cleaner 14

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  • Manufacturer: Bostik
Code Description Size Unit Price
47-SPM500 Primer M 250ml Each P.O.A