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Maestrini #0050 Scoop Skin/Through Hull Fitting

Product Description:
*- Screwed with nut and washer

Design: All Maestrini products are designed using modern CAD-CAM systems.  The piece is always over designed with respect to normal use that it will have to stand up to.

Construction: The smallest fittings are obtained from turned rods.  Those of average sizes are obtained by hot pressing and then turned on transfer machines on CNC lathes.  The largest pieces are obtained by chill casting and they too are turned on CNC lathes or transfer machines.  No pieces are made by die casting.  The machines have centesimal tolerances and are checked periodically to guarantee this precision is maintained.

Tightness Guarantee: In order to prevent micro-porosity problems, all fittings are subjects to close inspection, not performed by sampling but piece by piece.

Threads: Normally, all the production follows the ISO 7 Standard for bolt threads, and ISO 228 for nut threads.  Other threads are available on request.  All threads are checked with certified thread plug gauges and periodically tested

New Zealand M&I Approved for Marine use.


Either OT58 Yellow metal (CW617N or CW614N) or bronze available.

Where "Bronze" is specified, this means Alloy composed of:

85% - CU, 5% - SN, 5% - PB, 5% - ZN

All Maestrini products are either Chrome or Nickel Plated.

All Maestrini products have a Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance to the following Quality Management System

Standard ISO 90012:2000 EN ISO 9001:2000 UNI ISO 9001:2000. Certificate No. LRC131132.


These prices will only last until stock runs out

  • Manufacturer: Maestrini
Code Size Unit Price
64-0050-1 1" Each P.O.A
64-0050-1.1/2 1 1/2" Each P.O.A
64-0050-1.1/4 1 1/4" Each P.O.A
64-0050-2 2" Each P.O.A
64-0050-2.1/2 2 1/2" Each P.O.A
64-0050-3 3" Each P.O.A
64-0050-3/4 3/4" Each P.O.A