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Holdfast Gorilla Nailpower Pro Click&Fix

Product Description:
Gorilla Nail-power Pro Click&Fix is a one-component, self-expanding ready to use polyurethane foam


*- Excellent adhesion on most materials, including Polystyrene (expect PE/PP)
*- High thermal and acoustical isolation
*- Very good filling capacity
*- Excellent bonding and installing capacity
*- 15% more yield
*- 50% less propellant
*- Excellent mounting ability
*- Remains waterproof providing the integrity of the skin is maintained of the cured foam

*- Mounting and sealing of windows and door frames
*- Filling of cavities around pipes
*- Connecting of isolation materials and roof constructions
*- Application of soundproofing layer on motors
*- Improving thermal isolation in cooling systems
*- Requires Gorilla Nail-power Click&Fix Gun

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  • Manufacturer: Holdfast
Code Description Size Unit Price
43-20046 Nozzle Kit for Pneumatic Gun 10 pk Each P.O.A
43-20088 GORILLA NAILPOWER® PRO Click N Fix Construction Adhesive 750ml Each P.O.A
43-20106 NAILPOWER® PRO GUN Click n Fix   Each P.O.A