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Southco M1 Compression Latches

Product Description:
*- Consistent pre-set compression
*- Easy grip adjustment
*- Flush round hole installation
*- Available in Locking or Non Locking
*- Available in two sizes: 61.5mm Diameter; 76mm Diameter

When ordering, can you please advise of the grip and cam type (either Long or Short) as per the Grip Tables

Indent Product, Non Stocked Item
Note: As this is an indent product, please contact us regarding delivery times
  • Manufacturer: Southco
  • Material: 316 Stainless Steel
Code Description Size Unit Price
31-M1-20-31-* Non Locking; Panel: 2mm-12mm Ø61.5mm Each P.O.A
31-M1-20-32-* Non Locking; Panel: 12mm-22.5mm Ø61.5mm Each P.O.A
31-M1-20-33-* Non Locking; Panel: 18.5mm-29mm Ø61.5mm Each P.O.A
31-M1-20-81-* Locking; Panel 2mm-12mm Ø61.5mm Each P.O.A
31-M1-20-82-* Locking; Panel: 12mm-22.5mm Ø61.5mm Each P.O.A
31-M1-20-83-* Locking; Panel 18.5mm-29mm Ø61.5mm Each P.O.A
31-M1-25-31-* Non Locking; Panel: 2mm-12mm Ø76mm Each P.O.A
31-M1-25-32-* Non Locking; Panel: 12mm-22.5mm Ø76mm Each P.O.A
31-M1-25-33-* Non Locking; Panel: 18.5mm-29mm Ø76mm Each P.O.A
31-M1-25-81-* Locking; Panel 2mm-12mm Ø76mm Each P.O.A
31-M1-25-82-* Locking; Panel 12mm-22.5mm Ø76mm Each P.O.A
31-M1-25-83-* Locking; Panel 18.5mm-29mm Ø76mm Each P.O.A