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Hettich Intermat 9931 Corner Cabinet Hinge

Product Description:
*- Concealed hinge with snap-on assembly, integrate door overlay and eccentric depth adjustment.
*- Opening angle 50o / 90o, cup diameter 35mm
*- Standard Hettich cup holes are used for the door elements
*- Cutaway or special holes are not required
*- Intermat 9931 hinges are snapped on to the mounting plate
*- Depth adjustment via eccentric screw -0.5mm / 3.5mm
*- Height adjustment via mounting plate 2mm /- 2mm
*- Cup fixing screw diameter 3.5x13mm nickel plated
*- Cup Versions: T42 - Screw On, T43 - Press in with plugs, Flash - Fast assembly, TH-Fix - Press in

  • Manufacturer: Hettich
  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Nickel Plated
Code Description Unit Price
01-045036 T42 Each P.O.A
01-045037 T43 Each P.O.A
01-045039 Flash Each P.O.A
01-045042 TH-Fix Each P.O.A